Miraggio collection

The new De Niro Miraggio collection

This unique Miraggio collection displays a variety of new custom possibilities. This collection is a beautiful assembly of long boots, short boots, sneakers and belts in the new Miraggio leather types. The Miraggio leather is available in four colours: Black, Brown, Bordeaux and Ambra. In each of these colours, a few products were designed for this gorgeous new collection.

The Miraggio leather has a beastly beautiful overall look. This makes the Miraggio leather a perfect addition to any rider’s attire! De Niro has designed several types of products with this new leathertype, making is possible for any rider to put together a complete outfit in a leather type of their choice! For example, one could get tall boots, short boots and sneakers in the same style!

The wonderful products and leathertypes shown above are available in our online store! To have a look, simply click here.

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