Size guide – Boots

Use our size guide to find exactly the right size combination for your De Niro boots.

To get an accurate measurement, please use a tape measure. Also make sure that you are wearing your riding breeches and socks.


If necessary, ask a friend to help.


The video below will show you exactly how to measure your legs and find your De Niro sizes.

Do you have any further questions, or do you need any more information? Please scroll down, for a further overview of every step in the proces of finding your De Niro sizes.

Have you taken your measurements? Choose your footsize in the drop down menu at the bottom of this page. A table will appear. Compare your measurements with the table of your footsize, and you’ll find your De Niro sizes!

Are your measurements in between two sizes in the table, or are you a bit unsure about the measurements you took? Please note that with every long boots order, you’ll receive a free fitting kit! Click here for more information.
We also offer a variety of custom sizing options. Click here for more information.

Step 1


  • Before measuring your calf and height, you should decide on the right footsize.
    At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a table with EU – US – UK sizes compared.

Step 2


  • Make sure your leg is bent a little bit and measure the widest part of your calf, pretty tight.
  • Do this for both legs, because sometimes there’s a bit of a difference between your calfs.
  • Write down the centimetres or inches you’ve measured.
  • Measure the width right below your knee cap. Is the difference between the width of your calf and your knee around 2 cm? Then any measured De Niro size should be fine for you!
    Is the difference a lot more or a lot less than 2cm, have a look at our custom knee-sizing options.

Step 3


  • Bend your leg a little bit and measure all the way from the ground, up to high in the crease of your knee.
  • Write down the height in centimetres or inches.
  • Do so for both legs, to make sure there’s not a difference

Find the right size

Now that you have taken your measurements, you can find the right EU-footsize in the table below, by looking up your UK / US size in the foot size chart. After you’ve found the right EU foot size, choose this foot size in the drop down menu at the botom of this page. A table will appear, with which you can compare the measurements you took, to find the perfect size for your riding boots.


Did you measurements bring you to a CC height size or a XXXS calf size? The sizes CC and XXXS can only be made with a footsize of 39 or smaller. On bigger footsizes, there are extra costs for these sizes. These extra costs are €100. For the CC or XXXS size on boots with a footsize of 39 and smaller, there are no extra costs.

Should you wish to order a boot with a CC height or a XXXS calf, simply order a different size and place a note on your order with the size that you need. We will always confirm the note with you per email before ordering your boots with the factory.  

Need any help finding the right sizes?? Contact us through our live chat or via!