• Infinito collection Infinito Collection

    The De Niro Infinito collection This De Niro Infinito Collection adds a unique selection of wonderful, stellar prints and leather types to the De Niro product range. The leathers and the prints from this collection will ensure that your boots will look stylish and unique. Let your creativity run free, and dare to be different, [...] Continue Reading
  • Savage Collection

    The De Niro Savage collection This sporty collection displays a variety of new possibilities! This collection is a unique assenbly of long boots, short boots and sneakers in the Savage leather types. The Savage leather is available in several colours, which all have a unique camouflage look. In each of these colours, a few products [...] Continue Reading
  • Banner Custom sizing options

    When it comes to finding the perfect size for your riding boots, De Niro offers several options for custom sizing. These options ensure that you can get your new De Niro boots in exactly the right calf and height sizes. A full made-to-measure service is also a possibility. All these custom sizing options are explained [...] Continue Reading
  • Have a detailled look inside the facetory! This series of pictures and the video's shown on this page, will give you a detailled look at how De Nirp boots are made in the Italian De Niro Boot Co. factory! Inside the De Niro factory

    This blogpost will give you an exclusive inside look in the De Niro Boot Co. factory in Italy. The several pictures and video's on this page will show you the De Niro factory form closer than ever.  Find out exactly how your new De Niro riding boots are made, in the video below! And finally, [...] Continue Reading
  • Fabric De Niro Riding Boots The right boots for every equestrian discipline

    Find the right pair of riding boots for any Equestrian discipline   De Niro Riding Boots As many of us well know, there’s a variety of equestrian sports which all require different gear, a unique approach and of course: the right tall boot! In order to determine the perfect pair of leather ridingboots for a [...] Continue Reading