Discover all Black Beauty’s!

Discover all Black Beauty’s!

De Niro riding boots, Kep Italia & Samshield helmets, and much more!

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My Riding Boots is more than just an equestrian gear company. We are an equestrian fashion company, we specialize in riding boots and riding helmets, and we always keep track of the latest trends and innovations.

Looking for a new pair of DeNiro or Ariat boots, or a new riding helmet, or any other equestrian gear? Click the shortcuts below, and have a look at our assortment!

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Explore all different Tricolore models! Tricolore Puro Duo Dive into the realm of precision engineering with the Tricolore Puro Duo boots. Meticulously crafted from top-tier Italian leather, these boots not only boast a distinctive dual-tone design but also showcase advanced stitching techniques. The Puro Duo line, engineered for both training and competitive scenarios, ensures an [...]

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Welcome to the epitome of equestrian sophistication - Petrie riding boots, the timeless choice for riders who demand excellence. Here at My Riding Boots, our collection showcases an exquisite array of Petrie's finest, tailored for the connoisseurs of equestrian fashion and performance.  Why Petrie? It's not just about the boots; it's about making a statement. [...]

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In the competitive world of equestrian sports, the choice of riding gear can be a game-changer. De Niro riding boots have become the preferred choice for elite riders, known for their exceptional quality and performance. These top equestrians have all trusted De Niro boots to excel in their equestrian journeys. Read along to uncover the [...]

Discover Unrivaled Quality and Customization with De Niro Boot Co.’s Salento Model

At, we’re passionate about providing equestrians with the highest quality riding gear, tailored to their unique preferences. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to De Niro Boot Co.’s Salento model, an embodiment of excellence that we’ve carefully selected to elevate your riding experience to new heights.