Design your own DeNiro western boots

Design your own

Are you looking for the perfect pair of Western boots? At My Riding Boots, we do not only offer English riding boots but Western boots as well. We offer multiple pre-designed custom-made western boots. These designs show a range of the many options and possibilities for our DeNiro assortment.

But what is more fun than designing your very own customized boots, made to meet your every need and desire? Look no further! Our bestselling brand DeNiro Boot Co. offers an extensive & exclusive custom-made service! The possibilities are limitless; anything is possible.

How does it work?

At DeNiro Boot Co. and My Riding Boots, it is possible to design your new western boots from scratch. This means that you can design all aspects of the boot yourself: the toe, the top, the colors & leather types, the decorations, and so much more! On this page, we showcase a wide variety of options for your custom-made pair of DeNiro western boots.

Do you have any questions? Would you like for us to help you pick your options? Have you thought out your design? Contact us, and we would happily help you create the riding boots of your dreams!

Decorations 1
Decorations 2

The design of your dreams


Step 1: The model

The first step in the design process is picking the right model. Do you want a high or low model? With or without laces? DeNiro offers seven different models of western boots, which you can customize further. Pick your favorite model below.

Step 2: Choose a toe

After you’ve chosen your model, it is time to pick a toe shape. The toe shape can be square or round.

Step 3: Choose a top

Step 4: The materials


Leather types

You have now picked the complete shape & base design of your very own western boot! Now, it’s time to pick your leather types. You could either get the complete boot in one single leather type, or you could pick the leather type for each part of the boot separately! This means that you could get the whole boot in matte black, or you could choose to get the foot in matte green, the shaft in brushed burgundy, the top in a floral purple, and the pipings in matte grey! Anything is possible; dare to be different, dare to be original, and let us help you design your absolute dream boots!

DeNiro Boot Co. offers more than 200 leather types. We have divided these leather types into groups of similar styles and prints. The swatches of these leather types are shown below. Do you need a better picture of one of our colors? Or an impression of how two colors would look together? Simply let us know! Our product specialists have years of experience in designing DeNiro boots. We would be happy to help you out!


WRAT leather:

Leather types wrat

Brushed leather:
Leather types brushed

Patent leather:
Leather types patent

Other leather types:


Additionally, you can get the stitching of the boot done in a color of your personal preference. The stitching can be done in the exact color or the leather that you have chosen, but you can also pick a contrasting color for the stitching of your boot. A contrast stitching can really pull the overall look of your design together beautifully. For example, a burgundy boot can look extra gorgeous with black stitching, and a sporty blue design will look extra unique with white stitching. A wide variety of stitching colors is available, so simply take your pick!

Step 5: Choose decorations

Now that you have put together every aspect of your boots, it is time to think about adding extra options, upgrades, or decorations to your design.

To finish off your design, DeNiro Boot Co. offers a variety of decorations, like Swarovski elements, studs, and crystals. You can even get your initials embroidered onto your boots! These decorations are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Would you like to add such decoration to your boot design? Let us know, and we will discuss the options with you.

Priority order

Production time for a custom-made DeNiro tall boot is around 8 weeks. However, we offer a priority order service, with which your new boots can be produced for you within just 15 business days. Placing a priority order will help you get your new boots much sooner; it’s the perfect option for riders who can’t wait on the arrival of their new boots!

Made to measure

All DeNiro Western boots are fully made-to-measure. Therefore, every aspect of the boots will be completely made to fit your legs! This option is perfect for every rider since it makes sure the boot will fit perfectly.


All done with your design?

Once you have decided on the design, the colors, the leather types, the decorations, and all the extra options that you’d like for your boots, it is time to get a quote for your draft design!

Email your design (and/or any questions that you might have about designing your DeNiro boots) to us at [email protected], and we’ll help you finalize everything. Per email, we will go over all the options you’ve picked and we’ll get you a quote for the total price of your order. We’ll also make our recommendations for design changes, matching accessories, and leather care items.


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