In the realm of equestrian safety, Kask has set a mission that every helmet must meet, and we’ve taken it to heart. Our commitment is to find the perfect equilibrium between technological excellence, functionality, and safety, all while delivering an appealing and stylish design.

Kask’s dedication to safety is unwavering, and our equestrian line is a testament to this commitment. We believe in continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and our helmets are a reflection of that ethos. Through constant research and innovation, we strive to enhance and elevate the quality of our safety helmets.

Our equestrian helmets are not just protective gear; they are a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology, uncompromising safety standards, and a design that appeals to the discerning rider. When you choose Kask, you choose more than just a helmet; you choose a partner in your quest for safety, style, and performance.

Explore the world of Kask Equestrian Helmets, where we’ve redefined the very essence of head protection. Join riders who demand the best and experience the perfect fusion of innovation and design. Safety, style, and innovation come together seamlessly with Kask, ensuring you ride with confidence and elegance.

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All KASK products are exclusively designed and made in Italy. There they went through the most stringent safety and quality tests, the characteristic CSD project of KASK (comfort safety design). VG1 Standard All KASK riding helmets meet the safety standard according to the VG1 standard. This means that they have to go through a heavier test, these are requirements in the field of shock absorption, resistance, belt strength, and stability. Riding helmets Italy.

KASK Dogma Chromo Light The basic model of KASK, the dogma chromo light is a chic riding helmet with very high wearing comfort. The riding helmet has an inner lining that you can easily remove for washing. The ventilation system is characteristic of Kask riding helmets. The integrated ventilation system provides high standards for the helmet’s breathability. The Dogma Chromo Light is available in blue, black, or brown. You also have the option to add a Swarovski element on top of the cap. Luxury riding helmets. Luxury horse products. Safety helmets. Stability riding helmet.


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