Top equestrians choose De Niro!

Top equestrians choose De Niro

De Niro riding boots, Kep Italia & Samshield helmets, and much more!

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My Riding Boots is more than just an equestrian gear company. We are an equestrian fashion company, we specialize in riding boots and riding helmets, and we always keep track of the latest trends and innovations.

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The De Niro Pioggia collection

As fascinating as rain; a natural kaleidoscope reflecting and spreading out the light. Gaze at how the falling rain calmly washes and cleanses the souls. Infinite glowing raindrops fall down with candor, bringing a breath of fresh air and new beginnings. The sky shudders and opens to let the rain make its way to gently […]

NEW: The De Niro Volta SL model

The De Niro Volta SL model Turning the page for dressage models The beautiful Volta SL model is a dressage model by the brand De Niro Boot Co. The boots are handmade in Italy, by specialized craftsmen with years of experience. What’s particularly special about the Volta SL model boots is that they are a [...]


Redsware is a technical and casual sports fashion brand dreamt up on a girl’s road trip by its founders Emmelie Scholtens, Rebecca Dudley and Silvy Rutten. Inspired by Emmelie’s retro cool look as a top International sportswoman, they wanted to create a brand around that vibe. A brand for modern, sporty, and hard-working women that love life and laughter.

The DeNiro Roseto collection

The repeated and harmonious swirls, pictured as tender creases drawn in the leather, recall the soft curves of roses, a symbol of femininity and prosperity. Roses: crowned in their elegant and velvet petals, that float in the wind with an extraordinary lightness. They might floor you with their punching thorns, but their mysterious and contradictory nature, the perfect combination
of beauty and hidden danger will always raise charm.