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Charles Owen, proudly celebrating its centenary, stands as the preeminent British manufacturer of riding helmets, a testament to a rich heritage of quality and innovation. A century ago, this brand embarked on a remarkable journey with a singular mission: to create products that make the world a safer place for riders.

In 1924, Charles Owen revolutionized equestrian safety by securing a patent for an ingenious method of ventilating riding helmets and enhancing their fit. This marked a pivotal moment in the history of riding gear, where innovation and safety became inextricably linked.

At Charles Owen, the unwavering commitment to safety and the preservation of lives remains at the core of our mission. For a century, we have diligently pursued the development of riding helmets that offer the highest standards of protection and comfort. Our enduring dedication ensures that riders can pursue their passion with confidence, knowing they are equipped with the best in safety technology.

Join us in the pursuit of safer riding and experience the difference. Our riding helmets are not just protective gear; they are a legacy of innovation and a testament to our ongoing quest to make equestrian pursuits safer and more enjoyable. Ride with confidence, ride with Charles Owen.

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This brand has a wide range of helmets that all meet the three international safety characteristics, so that more protection can be offered during an accident. All riding helmets are tested for the highest level of protection. The designers of the Charles Owen riding helmets are currently UK representatives in the field of European safety standards. They also lead the ASTM International (American Society of Testing of Materials), the foremost among safety standards in the United States. Charles Owen investigates real accidents, enabling them to develop a huge range of very safe helmets and body protectors for equestrian sports. Safety horse riding. Safe helmet.

A Charles Owen riding helmet consists of a hard outer shell with a high-quality lining, a lining that can be seen as a kind of bubble wrap. In case of a fall, these bubbles burst in this foil, so that the impact on your head will be less and the risk of injury is therefore smaller. Besides the fact that Charles Owen offers the right safety, they also ensure that your outfit is complete due to all the different models that are offered. The YR8, the YR and the AyrBrush are a few of these well-known models. Many other riders such as Charlotte Dujardin and Harrie Smolders were ahead of you. Good riding helmet .

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