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At KEP Italia, we take equestrian safety to the next level with our exquisite range of helmets. Our commitment to rider safety is evident in the meticulous details that come with our helmets. Each helmet (except for the Crabs Smart model and all matte helmets) is packaged with a luxurious, water-repellent bag and a KEP clean cloth. This thoughtful addition makes maintaining and cleaning your KEP Italia helmet a breeze, ensuring that it stays in top condition.

Safety is paramount for us, and all KEP Italia caps meet the stringent VG1 standard. This means that they undergo rigorous testing for shock absorption, resistance, belt strength, and stability. Our dedication to safety is reflected in the fact that KEP Italia is the only helmet brand that meets all safety requirements worldwide, setting new benchmarks in equestrian protection.

But KEP Italia is not just about safety; it’s also about style and personalization. We offer a range of different helmet models, each of which can be uniquely customized according to your preferences. With KEP Italia, you’re not just buying a helmet; you’re investing in an experience that combines safety, style, and individuality.

Experience the pinnacle of equestrian safety and style with KEP Italia. Join riders worldwide who trust in our exceptional helmets, and discover the ultimate in safety and customization for your riding journey. Choose KEP Italia, where safety meets style, and individuality is celebrated.

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 KEP Italia Smart The Kep Italia Smart is the entry-level model of KEP Italia, it is a riding helmet that combines standard safety with a modest price. This helmet is designed for dressage, jumping, and eventing. The Kep Italia Cromo Smart riding helmet is equipped with a flexible peak, an air circulation system, and 5 connection point straps. Like all other Kep Italia riding helmets, the Cromo Smart has all safety certificates. There is no inner lining with this helmet. KEP Italia Cromo The KEP Italia Cromo is a model that can be put together completely according to your wishes: The basis of the riding helmet can be chosen in all kinds of different colors shiny, textile, polish, matt, or velvet.


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