Ariat International, a leading supplier of premium Ariat boots: equestrian footwear, riding boots, jodhpurs, and work boots, was born from a visionary partnership between Pam Parker and Beth Cross in 1993. Fueled by a passion for excellence, they identified a crucial gap in the market and set out to craft riding boots that matched the technological prowess of sports giants like Nike and Reebok. Just two years later, Ariat’s innovative boots made their debut in the equestrian world, quickly gaining widespread acclaim and becoming an essential choice for riders worldwide. At My Riding Boots we offer a wide range of Ariat products.

Ariat products

The name Ariat

The name Ariat is derived from the name of Secretariat, a famous racehorse in the 70’s. Secretariat won Horse of the year in 1972, and won the Triple Crown in 1973. The name is often misspelled as Arait, Ariot, Arit, Atiat, but the correct spelling is Ariat.

Ariat boots

Ariat has a wide variety of shoes. Their assortment covers ankle boots, lace-up boots  and waterproof boots among others. They have boot for both women and men. The boots made by Ariat are known for their quality soles. The soles of Ariat boots are made with the newest techniques and offer several benefits. Learn more about Ariat soles.


Frequently asked questions about Ariat

The best way to break in new Ariat boots is to wear them regularly. If the fit is too tight you can try to wear two pairs of socks in them for a couple of hours per day. This helps stretch the boots to make room for your feet. If this doesn’t help you can try to gently heat them with a hairdryer to make the leather more pliable in spots where the shoes pinch. Always use the hairdryer on a very low heat.

To clean your Ariat boots it’s important to clean all loose dirt by rinsing them with water. Once all the loose dirt is removed you can clean the boots with Ariat Footwear Cleaner. To keep the optimum protection for your boots you can use Ariat Leather Conditioner.

Ariat is a horse brand that makes performance shoes and clothes. The focus of Ariat lies on innovative products that are enhanced by technology. Since 2023, Ariat is one of the largest equestrian sports brands in the world.

Ariat boots are designed and developed in the United States. The boots are produced in different countries around the world. According to some resources, the boots are made in China, Mexico, Vietnam and Italy.