Ariat International, a leading supplier of premium equestrian footwear, riding boots, jodhpurs, and work boots, was born from a visionary partnership between Pam Parker and Beth Cross in 1991. Fueled by a passion for excellence, they identified a crucial gap in the market and set out to craft riding boots that matched the technological prowess of sports giants like Nike and Reebok. Just two years later, Ariat’s innovative boots made their debut in the equestrian world, quickly gaining widespread acclaim and becoming an essential choice for riders worldwide.

Ariat is a brand renowned for delivering not only style but also unmatched functionality. Our footwear offers the perfect blend of stability, balance, and cushioning, ensuring that riders can perform at their best, whether in the stable, during training sessions, or in outdoor pursuits.

As one of the largest and most respected names in the equestrian industry, Ariat caters to the diverse needs of riders who push their limits daily. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every product we create, from cutting-edge footwear designs to durable, high-performance apparel. Experience the difference that Ariat International can make in your riding journey. Join our global community of riders who demand the best and choose Ariat for the ultimate equestrian experience.

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Quality riding boots. With its products, Ariat strives to rediscover, redesign and reshape the world, while staying true to traditions. Ariat has a wide range and is extremely suitable for both men and women; Outdoor boots for the stable or in the woods; Riding boots applicable in various disciplines such as dressage, jumping, etc. But the shoes are also extremely suitable for the recreational rider. In addition, a wide range of jodhpurs, which can be used as a stable shoe or while riding. Endurance shoes are also part of the range. Ariat’s footwear uses four different soles: Entry Level Technology, Better Technology, Enhanced Mid-Level Technology and Best Technology.

Foot stability. Riding shoe sole. Entry Level Technology (4LR). This sole is designed for Ariat Boots and shoes suitable for simple principles. Thanks to the durable outsole, the lightweight stabilizing shaft, and the cushioned insole, the superior shock-absorbing capacity, the sole offers a lot of comforts. The Windermere outdoor boot and the Heritage IV Jodphur from Ariat feature the Entry Level Technology sole. Mediocre Technology (ATS). This sole is an improved version of the 4LR sole. This sole offers the foot a lot of support, stability, shock absorption, and comfort. This sole has been applied to the Ariat boot Coniston and the Performer Zip Jodphur Enhanced Mid-Level Technology (ATS MAX). This sole is the improved and reinforced version of the ATS Ariat sole.

ATS sole and ATS MAX sole. The big difference between the ATS sole and the ATS MAX sole is that the ATS MAX has an extra midsole. As a result, the shoes with this sole offer lightweight cushioning. This sole is used with the Telluride II H2O Ariat shoe and the Bromont Pro riding boots. Premium Technology (Cobalt VX) This is the best and most advanced sole Ariat has to offer. In addition to support, stability, shock absorption, and high comfort, this sole also has an X-STATIC temperature and odor protection. This sole is used on the Devon Pro VX Jodphur from Ariat.


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