The secret of the Ariat soles

Ariat is one of the leading brands in the field of outdoor boots, riding boots, and short boots. The Owners Pam Parker and Beth Cross aspire to create boots, using the same technologies as the brands Nike and Reebok. In 1993, Ariat launched its first collection on the equestrian shoe market. A lot of riders immediately fell in love with their quality and designs. Discover the secret of the Ariat soles

At this moment, Ariat has grown to be one of the most popular brands among a lot of nationals- and international riders. Within the production and design process, Ariat focuses on stability, balance, and shock absorption. The Ariat collection is created for outdoor activities, work around the stables, and horse training. Their products are designed for riders that are physically very active, on a daily basis.

The products of Ariat represent modernity, restyling, and recreating while keeping traditions alive. They offer collections that are suitable for male and female, for all types of riders; Outdoor boots or sneakers for around the stables and short boots with gaiters for the recreational rider.

Ariat uses four types of soles for the production of their footwear; ‘Entry-Level Technology, Better Technology, Enhanced Mid-Level Technology, and Best Technology.’

The secret of the Ariat soles


This 4LR type of sole is designed for footwear that is used for simple principles. This sole offers great comfort due to its ecological outer sole and the light-weighted stabilizing shaft. The insole with comforting cushions and shock-absorption ensures the footwear to be wearable for hours. Most short boots contain the 4LR sole, such as the Short Boots Ariat Heritage IV Zip Paddock Brown and the Short Boots Ariat Heritage IV Lace Paddock Brown.


The mid-level technology is a little more advanced than the entry-level technology. This ATS type of sole offers even more comfort. Some short boots have the ATS sole, such as the Short Boots Ariat Telluride II H2O Ladies Light Brown and the Short Boots Ariat Telluride II H2O Zip Dark Brown.


ATS max offers a higher-level technology. The difference between this sole, and the regular ATS-sole, is the extra shock-absorption that it offers. An extra layer of sole in between causes this and that allows the footwear to provide light-weighted stability and balance. Some outdoor boots offer this technology of soles, such as the Outdoor boots Ariat Belford GORE-TEX and the Outdoor boots Ariat Berwick Gore-Tex Insulated.


Lastly, the most advanced and highest-quality technology that Ariat offers, is the Cobalt VX sole. This type of sole doesn’t only offer support, stability, and shock-absorption, it also offers temperature- and scent-control.

Ariat sole 4LR
Ariat sole ATS
Ariat sole ATS Max
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