WHIS instruction sets

WHIS offers a wireless coaching system that provides communication between rider and coach. WHIS offers a high-quality connection between rider and coach. This means that you will be able to communicate without delay, echo, or distortion. This clear connection is essential when you follow a training or go on competitions. By using the instruction set, you will feel as if your coach is right there next to you!

All WHIS instruction sets are compact and lightweight, which gives you optimal comfort. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing it!


The WHIS models

WHIS offers several models for a variety of settings. In the next paragraphs, we guide you through the versions.



WHIS Original

This Original instruction set by WHIS offers an open connection up to a distance of at least 300 meters (± 950 ft). The instruction set allows the coach to communicate with the rider, but the rider is not able to talk back. All instructions are received through a mono-earpiece, that ensures the rider still catches environmental sounds. The quality of the transmitting- and receiving sound is studio-like. Due to the small size of the set and the lightweight, the sound system is extremely user-friendly. The instruction set offers 13 channels and the battery lasts up to 10 hours. For this instruction set, it is possible to add up to 20 spare receivers to the connection, which makes it possible to teach up to 20 students at a time!


WHIS Competition

This Competition version of the original WHIS instruction set is created with the input of top riders in order to create the optimal performance for the show rider. What differentiates this set from the original one, is that the Competition set contains a ‘private connection’ technology. This offers the rider and coach private communication, even when there are more instruction sets around. The WHIS competition will automatically manage and keep the private connection at all times. What differentiates this version from the Original, is the talk-back function. The WHIS competition comes with an earpiece that allows the rider to communicate right back to the coach. As this function is not always wished for or needed, the Competition earpiece can also be replaced with an Original earpiece. This instruction set offers a connection up to a distance of at least 100 meters (± 300 feet) and the battery lasts up to 8 hours.


WHIS Wireless set

The last version of the WHIS instruction sets is the one with a Wireless receiver. This set comes with one WHIS Competition transmitter, but instead of the regular receiver, this one is completely wireless. The receiving device offers a listening mode only. The battery of this lightweight and compact model lasts up to 8 hours and contains the ‘private connection’ technology. The device is compatible to apply on the right, as well as the left ear. As this earpiece goes in the ear, instead of laying on top of the ear, this device is particularly suitable for personal use. The device also guarantees the connection up to a distance of at least 100 meters (± 300 feet).



Spare parts

Besides the instruction sets, we have also added spare parts. If you are in need of a new microphone, earpiece, or charger as yours is worn out or got lost, you’re at the right place! Just make sure to check if your version instruction set is compatible with the spare part you’re ordering, and you’re good to go!




If you’re planning on coaching multiple students at the same time, or you’re attending a show in which you’ll be teaching several riders, it might come in handy to have multiple receivers on the same channel. As the Competition set offers the ‘private connection’ technology, these are not compatible with spare receivers. The Original set does allow you to add more receivers. You can either buy multiple at once or add spare receivers later!