Fitting Kit

Don’t worry when you buy a pair of boots, because with every pair of boots we deliver a fitting kit to the value of € 25,- for free!

Fitting kit

The De Niro fitting kit consists of three items: a pair of thin De Niro insoles, a pair of standard (thicker) De Niro insoles, and a pair of heel-boosters.


The standard (thicker) De Niro insoles are in the boots when you receive them. These standard soles are very comfortable and offer optimal support. But, if the foot size of your boots is a bit too tight or small, you could switch these for the thinner insoles. With the thinner insoles, your feet will have a bit more room in the boots, giving you just that tiny bit of extra space that you might need. If the foot size is still a bit tight after using the thinner insoles, you could choose to take the insoles out completely. Due to the professional, comfortable inside footbed of all De Niro boots, wearing them without any insole is perfectly fine! You could also choose to wear them without the insoles in the beginning and to put them back in after the boots are broken in a bit.

Heel pieces

If your boots are a bit high for you, you could choose to use the heel-boosters. To do so, simply place the heel pieces in your boots, underneath the insoles. These heel-boosters will lift your heels up to 1,5cm. This will make your legs a bit taller, which could spare you any trouble you might have with the height of the boot. The heel pieces have a sticky piece on the bottom, preventing them from sliding forward in the boots. You can always take these heel pieces out later after your boots are broken in a bit.

Normally, this Fitting kit would cost you €25,- But, when ordering a pair of tall boots, you will receive this kit for free!

If you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us!


What is in this Fitting kit?

  • One thin shoe sole
  • One thicker shoe sole
  • One pair of heelboosters

The thicker sole will already be in the boots when you receive them!