Boot care guide

De Niro riding boots are boots made of excellent quality Italian leather. When you take good care of your riding boots, and treat them with leathercare products regularly, you’ll enjoy your boots for a very long time. But what is the right way to take care of your riding boots? And what can you do to keep them in the best shape possible?

This video below will show you exactly how to clean and treat your boots! Any questions after the video?? Scroll down further, for more tips on how to take care of your boots!


Before you start to treat any type of leather, it is very important to clean any dirt and salt off of the boots. Start with the sole. Use a soft brush to brush any dirt off of the edges, the stitches and the bottom of the sole.


Of course, the leather also has to be clear of any dirt and salt. The most effective and recommended way to do this, is by using our DeNiro boot cleaner. This spray bottle will help you clean any type of dirt off the boots with ease! This product is safe to use on any leathertype, except for the Camoscio, Suede, Animalier or Malé leathertypes.


To ensure a better durability of the zippers, use the DeNiro zipper spray. This spray is very easy to use, and it will make sure that your zippers stay clean! This spray can also be used when your zipper is a bit hard to close because of dirt between – or tension on – the zipper.


After you have cleaned all of the dirt off of your boots, and you have treated the zippers, make sure to let the leather dry well before you go on with treating the leather.

After the leather has dried, you should first treat any matte parts of the boot. Matte parts can be treated with the DeNiro boot cream. This is a neutral-colored cream that can be used on any matte leathertype. The cream will ensure that the leather will stay supple, smooth, soft and deep of color.


After you have treated the matte parts of the boot, it is time to treat any lacquer parts. The most common lacquer leathertypes are Brushed and Patent, but there are also several special leathertypes with a lacquer look. All of these leather types can be treated with the DeNiro Lacquer Maintenance oil. This oil will make sure that the lacquer parts will stay shiny and beautiful!


In order to maintain the deep color of the leather, it would be wise to use a shoe shine every now and then. Make sure to get a shoe shine in the exact color of the leather, and only use it on the matte parts. Let the shoe shine dry and then rub the leather with a nylon for the most beautiful shine.


If you would like to add some extra shine right before a clinic, competition or show, you can use the DeNiro Shine sponge. Rub the oily sponge on the toe of your boots, and on any other parts that you want extra shiny!


If your boots are well taken care off, they will definitely look their best! But in order to keep it that way, it is also important to store your boots the right way. After riding in your boots, let the inside of the boots dry by leaving them open for a bit. Then, placce a pair of boot tensioners or boot trees in the boots, to maintain the right shape. You can either use plastic boot tensioners or inflatable boot tensioners.


Once the boot trees are in your boots, you should store them away in a boot bag. This will prevent any new dirt from getting on the boots, and it will protect them from possible damage.


To make sure that the leather of your riding boots will stay as clean, supple, smooth and durable as it possibly can be, repeat this treatment every once in a while. Do you ride a couple of times per week, or less? Treat your leather once per month. Do you ride once per day? Clean your boots weekly, and fully treat them every other week. Do you ride several horses per day, or do you also wear your boots in the stables or around the field? Clean your boots every day, and fully treat them weekly!

Do you have any further questions regarding boot care, or any other subject? Please let us know! We’re always happy to help you out.