Kentucky Horsewear emerged on the equestrian scene in 2011, swiftly establishing itself as a “must-have” brand for leg protection, including indispensable items like tendon and hind leg protectors. Over a relatively short period, Kentucky has grown into a name synonymous with top-tier equine protection and innovation.

Our journey has evolved, expanding our product range to cater to the diverse needs of riders and their beloved horses. Today, Kentucky is a global presence, with our high-quality equine products now available in Europe, the United States, Australia, and beyond.

Kentucky’s core mission is rooted in the relentless pursuit of developing exceptional equine products that offer unmatched protection. We believe in safeguarding your horse’s well-being and supporting your equestrian aspirations with products that transcend industry standards.

Elevate your horse’s comfort and safety with Kentucky Horsewear, where our commitment to quality and protection is unwavering. Join the worldwide community of riders who trust in Kentucky for superior equine products, and experience a new level of protection and innovation for your horse. Choose Kentucky for the highest standards of quality and care for your equine partner.

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It is important for the Kentucky brand that high quality is combined with a stylish look and optimal comfort. The core values ​​of innovation and excellence are not lost sight of. Thanks to Kentucky’s expertise, you can rest assured that the well-being of your horse or pony is our top priority! Besides the fact that the brand is constantly developing new products, it is also concerned with improving the existing products. This is achieved by listening to the advice of riders and grooms, among others. In addition to the fact that Kentucky Horseware is known for excellent leg protection, the brand also has recognizable properties. Below are some of those features. ARTIFICIAL RABBIT SKIN LINING Kentucky has developed an artificial rabbit skin, which is mainly used in the inner lining of Kentucky Horseware rugs. This liner offers great benefits! The artificial rabbit fur is incredibly soft, which prevents any chafing on the shoulders. In addition to being extremely soft, the horse hairs also do not stay in the inner lining. In addition, your horse or pony will shine beautifully, because the horse blanket achieves the same as when you go over the coat of your horse or pony with a wool cleaning glove. The artificial rabbit fur creates small air pockets in the fur, which retain the horse’s body heat. This makes the blankets not only nice and soft, but also nice and warm. The Kentucky Dog Blanket and the Kentucky Show Blanket are lined with this artificial rabbit skin. Exclusive horse products.

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