The DeNiro Roseto collection

DeNiro’s newest collection

What has brought the De Niro boot company to present this new Roseto collection?

Since 1981 De Niro Boot Co has meant Italian creativity and craftsmanship worldwide. With a passion for the equestrian world and experience in the footwear field, their story is made of inspiration, research, and innovation. This is an Italian family story, this is their story.

Our dream began in Southern Apulia with the aim of making premium quality riding boots that could bridge style and elegance to comfort and technical performance.

Roses inspired our collection Roseto (literally: rose garden), the result of a fruitful collaboration and balanced blend of varied experiences and ideas which led to the creation of unique products. The collection is represented by sparkling shades, which are at the same time daring and delicate. Roseto is an intense light caressing and curing the wounds caused by the thorns, inspiring never-seen paths that enhance the unique soul of De Niro Boot Co.

The meaning of Roseto

Every boot collection is a story to be told, and we have always let feelings and experiences inspire our creativity. The repeated and harmonious swirls, pictured as tender creases drawn in the leather, recall the soft curves of roses, a symbol of femininity and prosperity. Roses: crowned in their elegant and velvet petals, that float in the wind with an extraordinary lightness. They might floor you with their punching thorns, but their mysterious and contradictory nature, the perfect combination
of beauty and hidden danger will always raise charm. They mirror everyday life: a sequence of kindness and trust, followed by flaming betrayal, to then start it all over again with a new perspective.

Have a look at the products presented in the De Niro Roseto collection, below. You will find all these products in our website categories as well. Would you like to design your own product with the Roseto leather types? Simply contact us. We’d love to help you out!

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