KEP Italia, the new Cromo 2.0 model

Development of the Cromo 2.0 riding helmet

The Italian brand KEP Italia has completely renewed the well-known KEP Italia Cromo riding helmet model, which this brand has been offering all over the world for years. The result of this is the brand new KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 riding helmet model. The KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 riding helmet not only represents a new symbol for the company, but also new trends in the world of optimally protective riding helmets. After designing the first Cromo riding helmet, KEP Italia has spent over two years developing what promises to be a revolutionary helmet. The design team has delved into technology and style renovation of most of the cap components from the old model and other makes and models. All this has resulted in a beautiful new line of KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 riding helmets and options.

Innovations in the Cromo 2.0 riding helmets

– Because KEP Italia is always working on innovative designs that meet the needs of the rider, they have again developed a fully adaptable model with the Cromo 2.0 helmet. Even after your purchase, it is still possible to make any adjustments to your riding helmet. The new design has a replaceable front insert, rear insert, and flap!

– An NFC chip has been placed in the front insert of the Cromo 2.0 model from KEP Italia. Using the KEP Italia app, you can add personal information to this chip, which can be relevant for rescuers in the event of a fall. When they hold a mobile device to your cap, they can read the chip. This allows them to provide more targeted help, and they immediately see data such as your name, address, emergency contacts, blood type, allergies, etc.

Design your own KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 riding helmet

The special thing about the Cromo 2.0 model is that the valve can be changed. So you can ride with a normal peak, with a wide (polo) peak, or even without a peak (jockey model). In addition, the helmet can be completely assembled via a configurator, just like the older Cromo model from KEP Italia was the case.

One of the things that can be ordered as desired with this new Cromo 2.0 riding helmet model from KEP Italia, is the front insert and rear insert. For example, opt for the beautiful Star glitter material, or a Python snake print. More than 20 different options for the front and rear of the Cromo 2.0 model are available.

In addition to the front and back, the grille of the riding helmet can of course also be chosen as desired. Chrome silver, black, good, rosé, and all sorts of other combinations; KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 offers all the options you could wish for!

The final touch to the self-assembly of the new KEP Italia Cromo 2.0 model is the choice of the KEP logo on the front of the grill. Do you go for standard black with silver? Or maybe for a brighter color, or maybe a logo with Swarovski stones?

Curious about how this new model from KEP Italia works exactly, and what you can choose when putting together your Cromo 2.0 riding helmet?

Watch the video!

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Want to design your own Cromo 2.0 KEP Italia helmet? Contact our riding helmet specialists by phone or email. We are happy to help you find the perfect size and design.

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