Mix & Match different brands!

A MyRidingBoots exclusive!

If you are a frequent visitor to our website, you’re probably already familiar with our mix & match deals. But what if we told you, you can take this to a whole new level?!

Our employees are very experienced with all brands of the products we sell. Therefore, we connect very well with the manufacturers and their representatives. Additionally, this allows us to arrange several cross-overs in materials between a few of our brands. Want to make your match-dreams come true? Keep on reading!


KEP Italia leather on DeNiro boots

In love with one of the KEP Italia materials, but can’t find matching leather for your boots on our customize page? We can arrange that any material used on your KEP Italia helmet, is also on your boots! It is possible to order the material from the KEP Italia factory, and send it to the DeNiro factory. The DeNiro factory can incorporate the KEP material in a part of the DeNiro boots! Have a look at the Jada boots for example; The top contains original and unique KEP Italia Star Gold material!




DeNiro leather on KEP Italia helmets

The same goes for DeNiro Leather on your KEP Italia helmet. That means that if you fell in love with one of the leather types on our customize page, you can add that leather to your new KEP Italia helmet. For example, pictured below is the DeNiro WRAT Do Eve leather on the front of a KEP Italia helmet. This would match your Do Eve DeNiro boots beautifully!



DeNiro leather on Anatomica saddles

If you are familiar with our colleagues over at MyJumpingSaddles, you might know the brand Anatomica Saddles. Anatomica has her roots in the dressage world and has an amazing collection of modern, luxurious, and innovative (dressage) saddles. Additionally, Anatomica offers a wide range of possibilities for customization. If you wish, we can even arrange to add DeNiro leather decorations on these saddles. Other features, like the shape of the DeNiro Rondine top, can even be added to the cantle of an Anatomica dressage saddle! Have a look at the pictures below, for a gorgeous combination of a dressage saddle by Anatomica and a pair of tall boots by DeNiro!




How to arrange your dream set

If you wish to customize your DeNiro Boots or your KEP Italia helmet with leathers from either of the brands, contact us! We’ll help you with every step of the customization and order process.

If you wish to customize an Anatomica saddle with us, please contact us! We have a few great saddle-fitting experts in-house. They can help you with the technical aspects of your new saddle, even from a distance.