Now available: Sprenger

Now available: Sprenger spurs!

Sprenger is a world-famous brand that sells products like stirrups, bits and spurs. Sprenger is famous for their high quality equestrian goods. At My Riding Boots, you will now find a variety of Sprenger spurs!

In close cooperation with expert Klaus Balkenhol, Sprenger has developed high-quality spurs that adapt optimally to the riding boot and that meet riders’ individual requirements with a variety of designs. Sprenger can guarantee that their spurs won’t break or bend while riding. The Sprenger spurs are made of high-quality stainless steel. The spurs have a unique fitting system and an elegant design so that the spurs will fit perfectly around your riding boots. Sprenger offers a wide variety of spurs and many other equestrian products.

At My Riding Boots, you’ll find several spurs that are designed with the Ultra-fit system. The innovative design of this Ultra-Fit Balkenhol fastening features a unique strap loop with an outwardly flared center bar to allow the spur strap to pass the boot on the inside – for a comfortable and secure fit without pinching or slipping. This system provides an even better and more still fastening over the boot so that your spurs will stay exactly in the right position and so that they are easy to put on take off.

Need any other product?

We only offer a small number of spurs through our website. However, it is possible for us to order any other Sprenger product from their warehouse as well! Would you like a different Sprenger product? Simply have a look at their website, and let us know what you would like to order! We can order it for you, with a delivery time of just 2 weeks. All Sprenger products that are shown on our website, are available from stock and can be delivered worldwide within just a few days.

Overall, Sprenger spurs guarantee a very elegant look with any outfit. A beautiful final touch would be to combine the spurs with a lovely pair of DeNiro spur straps! These spur straps are available in a wide variety of leather types and colors. Have a look at all spurs & sppur straps here. 


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