Horka is more than a brand; it’s a mission to bring a profound sense of freedom and connection with horses to everyone who shares our passion for equestrian pursuits. Our comprehensive range of horse products is crafted to enhance your bond with these majestic creatures, allowing you to experience the unbridled joy of nature.

Our story began in 1956 as a family business, and since then, Horka has evolved into an international brand that prides itself on providing affordable products without compromising on elegance, safety, or fit. We understand that these qualities are paramount in every rider’s journey.

At Horka, we stay attuned to the ever-evolving equestrian landscape and adjust our range every season to reflect the latest in stylish and functional trends. This dedication to keeping our collection current ensures that you’ll find a new Horka collection in our store every year, brimming with innovative products that blend tradition with contemporary design.

With Horka, you’ll discover a world of possibilities where nature, horses, and equestrian enthusiasts unite. Our commitment to affordable, elegant, and safe products is unwavering. Experience the beauty of the equestrian lifestyle with Horka, and embrace the natural connection with horses like never before.

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The collection has a large collection of riding boots that consists of different series, sizes, and materials. This also applies to the Horka jodhpur boots and Horka outdoor boots. The caps from Horka come in different series, such as the Champion, Falcon, and Horka Arrow caps. In addition to caps, Horka also offers safety with body protectors and articles with reflectors. The Horka clothing collection is available for women, men, and children. Horka does not only have equipment for the rider but there is also everything from Horka available for the horse. Such as leg protection and halter sets that match your clothing. Horka also has many products for the care of your horse around the stable. Horka is the right place for affordable and innovative articles for horse, riders or stables. Horse clothes for girls. Horse clothes for boys. Affordable horse riding products.

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