You can make a statement with Petrie riding boots collection. The special designs and the specific and individual input in the creation of the boot are indispensable for Petrie. In this way, Petrie contributes a modest amount to presenting the rider’s personality. Based on their core idea of ​​’comfort and beauty’, Petrie designs riding boots for every occasion. From a relaxed ride through the woods to the blood, sweat, and tears in the competition ring. At Petrie, everyone can shape their own taste. Some opt for the extravagant salient details, whereas others see beauty in the simple. Whatever is chosen, Petrie always offers good quality due to their strict selection of calf and cow leather. Leather boots.

Petrie Riding Boots

Petrie is often inspired by global influences. Through the seasons, currents and riders of the world. In this way they sometimes end up with astonishing initiatives and always the creation of unsurpassed riding boots. The mix of all these different influences ensures that the riding boots are exceptional and the possibilities endless. Several riders from the absolute world top ride with Petrie and are only positive about their beautiful riding boots. Some examples are: • Anky van Grunsven • Edward Gal • Richard Jones • Dinja van Liere • Imogen Murray • Max Gordon. Influencer horse riding. Seasons boots. Possibilities horse riding. Petrie Riding Boots Collection.

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