Pikeur has been a distinguished fashion brand in the equestrian world for decades, making its mark since 1957. With an unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of modern fabric technologies and harnessing their wealth of experience, Pikeur lays the foundation for equestrian clothing that effortlessly blends performance and style.

Pikeur’s reputation extends worldwide, not only for its equestrian clothing but also for its lifestyle and trendy apparel. Year after year, Pikeur leads the way with a new collection that encapsulates the latest fashion trends, ensuring that riders are not just equipped for excellence but are also at the forefront of equestrian fashion.

Pikeur goes the extra mile to tailor its collections to the desires of riders and equestrians. This is achieved through close collaboration with top-level performing riders, ensuring that every piece of Pikeur riding gear meets the exacting standards of those who know equestrian excellence best.

What truly sets Pikeur apart is its commitment to the perfect fit, cherished by riders of all ages. With Pikeur, you’re not just wearing riding gear; you’re wearing a piece of equestrian history, and you’re wearing it with style.

Discover the equestrian fashion that has been a staple of Pikeur for decades. Join riders worldwide who trust in our commitment to performance and style, and experience the perfect blend of fashion, function, and fit. Choose Pikeur and set your own equestrian fashion trend.

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Pikeur makes high-quality riding breeches with the perfect fit. There is a suitable riding breeches for every figure. Ladies who like high-closing riding breeches will opt for models such as the Pikeur candela and the Pikeur cascada. Ladies who prefer to wear a low model will find the Pikeur lucinda comfortable. In addition to the different fits, Pikeur also uses different types of material such as softshell, jeans and micro-power. The difference in material is in, for example, a winter or summer lining, super elastic or a softshell material. In addition to all the different materials, Pikeur also has a wide choice of seating surfaces. The riding breeches can be provided with a grippy seat, artificial leather seat or without seat. The following riding breeches have different variants: – Lucinda: o Pikeur Lucinda Grip in a summer and winter variant o Pikeur Lucinda Contrast o Pikeur Lucinda Leather – Candela: o Pikeur Candela Grip o Pikeur Candela Contrast o Pikeur Candela Leather – Latina: o Pikeur Latina Grip o Pikeur Latina Softshell Grip In addition to women’s riding breeches, Pikeur also has a men’s range. High quality horse riding clothes.


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