Size Guide – Belts

Finding the right size for your new belt

To decide what size you need for a new belt, all you need to do is measure your waist. Do you often wear high-waisted breeches? Measure a little high. Do you often wear lower-waisted breeches? Then measure a little lower. In general, try to measure around the waist at the point where your belt would sit in your breeches while riding.

De Niro belts on our website are shown in a size combination of (B) and (W), for belt length and waist circumference. For all other brands of belts on our website, the shown size is the size for your waist, meaning it is measured from the buckle to the middle hole. Hence, the actual belt will be a bit longer than the size you ordered. Below you will find a chart with all the size information that you need to find the perfect size for your new belt.

Any questions about belt sizes? Please feel free to contact us! Our experts would be happy to assist you!