De Niro
Boot Co.

The brand ‘De Niro Boot Co’. Quality, attention to detail, innovation, style and in dept knowledge of the equestrian field. These things are what De Niro Boot Co. values most in their worldwide company.


World class boots,
since 1981

The Brand ‘De Niro Boot Co’. The first De Niro boots were made in 1981. Up until 1995, they used to produce boots for high fashion brands, such as Prada and Gucci. As these brands moved their factories East, and a couple of employees had taken an interest in the equestrian sport, they decided to focus their expertise on equestrian boots.

It is the time spent on research and innovation which has allowed De Niro Boot Co. to become one of the market leaders in boot production.

Fabric De Niro Riding Boots
Fabric De Niro Riding Boots

Synonymus with quality, attention to details, innovation, style and research in the equestrian field.


Handcrafted luxury

The Brand ‘De Niro Boot Co’. All De Niro boots are produced in the factory in Casarano, near Lecce, in the south of Italy. Here, the boots are expertly handcrafted and are also subjected to rigorous testing and quality control, with the aim being complete customer satisfaction. De Niro boots are designed for durability and in addition made of the finest quality leather, to ensure optimal performance and protection. Equestrians from all around the world treasure the finest Italian craftsmanship, impeccable quality and personalized styling the De Niro Boot Co. incorporates into their extensive line of luxurious equestrian boots.

Fabric De Niro Riding Boots

Focus on technology

In the production of these riding boots, WRAT leather is used. WRAT stands for Water-Resistant Advanced Treatment. WRAT uses hydrophobic materials that are bound to the leather structure, to form a protective barrier. This leather treatment allows sweat in the form of water to be released to the outside of the boots, resulting in your feet stay hygienically dry.

Also, all riding boots are made with a Vibram-sole stitched or glued to the bottom of the boot. This comfortable sole consists of several layers of leather. De Niro Boot Co. uses only natural materials of the highest quality, such as calfskin, ensuring consistency and strength, along with optimal comfort for any rider.