Now available: ARIAT


The performance footwear brand with an emphasis on technology and innovation.

Ariat is a worldwide brand that is known for its extraordinary technologies and innovative products. Because their goal is to produce high-quality footwear for all equestrians worldwide, Ariat developed different kinds of soles for their shoes.

For instance, all Ariat shoes have the same Duratread type outer sole. However, the insoles are very different from each other. Below, you’ll find out more about these different types of soles.


Entry-level technology: 4LR:

The 4LR technology sole is the entry-level technology of Ariat. Because the sole has a four-layer footbed (Four Layer Rebound) which is designed in order to perfectly support the foot. Whereas 4LR technology cushions stabilize the leg and foot, the lateral motion control device also provides a more secure balance. Below are some advantages of the Ariat technology;

  • The lightweight shank stabilizes in order to add support;
  • This 4LR inner sole works together with a variety of use-specific outsoles.


Mid-level Technology: ATS:

The ATS (Advanced Torque Stability) is a stable and comfortable inner-sole of Ariat’s Mid-level technology. Because the ATS technology cushions and supports the leg and foot as you move, this promotes a good posture and reduces fatigue of the leg and foot in order to ensure that you can work and walk all day.

  • The ATS soles have a moisture-wicking footbed in order to provide cool and dry comfort;
  • The gel-cushioned footbed with heel stabilizer gives support, stability, and rebound;
  • The lightweight, ergonomic composite forked shank provides stability;
  • The ATS inner sole works with a variety of use-specific outsoles.


Premium multi-system technology: Cobalt:

The Cobalt technology is designed especially for the daily demands of a professional horseman. The Cobalt inner sole combines a Skydex Smarter Cushioning heel system, the cobalt footbed, with a fiber forked shank. In addition, a Duratread outsole provides exceptional comfort, support, and durability. Below, the most important additions of these soles are enlightened.

  • The gel molded heel spring cushions the heel and foot for extra comfort and reduces the impact on the knees, hips, and lower back;
  • The EVA strike pad gives more stability and extra cushioning for working all day;
  • The precision-molded fork-shaped shank maintains the balance, reduce the impact on the knees, hips, and lower back, and reduces muscle fatigue and injury;
  • The Skydex Smarter Cushioning absorbs shocks in order to reduce the impact on the heels and aids in energy return;
  • The anatomically-shaped ergonomic outsole flex and resist wear.


Outer soles


The Duratread outsole stands for lasting performance, good protection, and flexibility. Therefore, the rubber compound gives maximum wear resistance with comfort. Below, you’ll read a few of the advantages of the Duratread outsole.

  • The exclusive rubber of Ariat compound outlasts traditional rubber;
  • The Duratread outsole is extremely flexible for ergonomic performance;
  • The sole is resistant to barnyard oils, acids, and slips.