DeNiro boots standard features

DeNiro has a huge range of different leather types in various colors, to decorate your boots in every way imaginable. However, almost every boot contains some standard features and materials. Want to know more about all the basic or standard features and materials used in your new DeNiro boots? Keep on reading!



WRAT Leather

Most leather types contain Italian calfskin of the finest quality. However, at the De Niro factory in Italy, the basic leather types undergo treatment with special and innovative technology. The bootmaking experts at the De Niro factory use special WRAT technology.

The abbreviation WRAT stands for Water Resistant Advanced Treatment. This technology uses several hydrophobic materials that are bound to the leather structure during the tannage of the leather. These materials form a protective layer over the leather. The WRAT-treated leather allows sweat and moisture to transport to the outside of the boot. However, the protective coat prevents water and dirt from the outside to reach the inside of the boot. This results in the rider’s leg staying dry, clean, and comfortable, and a very durable boot.



Color options

Even though we view the WRAT leather collection as our basic collection, it is not as basic as you might expect! The WRAT leather collection contains a wide range of matte colors. DeNiro Boots Co. uses the WRAT leather on every part of the boot. When heavily used or with a lot of special leather decoration, we always recommend WRAT leather on the inside of the leg, and sometimes even at the foot. This ensures a very durable boot since the WRAT leather is by far the most enduring leather type in our collection.


WRAT or Vitello

Now you know everything about WRAT technology, you might have some questions about Vitello. In some regions, the basic leather colors are market as Vitello *name color*. We choose to market our basic leather types as WRAT *name color*, but DeNiro’s Vitello leather also undergo the WRAT treatment.



Other techniques

De Niro not only uses this technique for the leather of the boot but also for the sole on the inside of the boot. For the outer sole of the boot, a Vibram technique is used. You can read all about this technique and other information about your product in our blog.