DeNiro dressage boots

DeNiro offers several different tall boot models so that equestrians in any discipline can easily find and design a boot to meet their every wish and need. The DeNiro dressage line is very popular and contains some of DeNiro’s bestselling boots. This dressage line consists of four base designs: The DeNiro Raffaello boot, the DeNiro Bellini boot, the DeNiro Botticelli boot, and the DeNiro Tintoretto boot. While the Botticelli & Tintoretto boots are a bit less common, the Raffaello riding boot and the Bellini riding boot are known worldwide.

But what makes these riding boots loved by so many? And which design options are possible? Keep on reading to find out!

Raffaello or Dressaggio?

DeNiro Raffaello is the official name for this model, given by the De Niro Boot Co. factory in Italy. The original Raffaello name for this model is also used among DeNiro experts. However, in some areas, these boots are marketed under the name DeNiro Dressaggio. Don’t worry, they are one and the same! The Dressaggio model is simply a different name for the Raffaello boot. This model could be perfect for you if you’re looking for a dressage boot that will meet your every need when it comes to comfort and performance.

The Raffaello model has a few distinctive characteristics, which will offer you optimal comfort and connectivity with your horse, while also offering limitless possibilities for customization. This model is characterized by the diagonal zipper, which is placed in the front of the boot on the inside of the leg. Other than the placing of the zipper, every single aspect of this riding boot can be completely designed to meet your every desire. Our website will show you countless examples of lovely Raffaello (or Billini) designs. Would you like to make a change to any design on our website? Simply let us know, and we will make it happen for you!

The production time for a custom Raffaello (or Dresssaggio or Bellini) boot, is around 8 weeks. It is also possible to place a priority order, and have your new boots produced in just 15 business days! Contact us for more information.

But what about the Bellini model?

The Bellini model is a more tailored version of the Raffaello (or Raffaello) model. The Bellini model has exactly the same design as the Raffaello boot, but the ankle of the Bellini model is more fitted. This Italian ankle is ideal for riders who have a very slim ankle.

The DeNiro experts have named this tailored fit Bellini, and offer it as an option with their dressage-oriented models. We think the Bellini’s ankle is a great asset to riding boots for women since the tailored lower leg and ankle fit great on small feminine legs. We do not recommend adding a Bellini ankle to boots with calf size bigger than M, because of the proportions with the knee and calf.

All of these models are named the Raffaello model on our website. On orders with a calf size of M or smaller, we will place the order as a Bellini model, with a fitted ankle. On orders with a calf size bigger than M, the order will be placed with a standard ankle.

Do you have a preference for a standard or a fitted ankle? Simply leave a note with your order and we will arrange it for you!

Full front lace? Botticelli!

The less common but certainly outstanding Botticelli boots are DeNiro dressage boots decked with a full front lace. The Botticelli boots have the same fit as the Raffaello model boots and have the zipper placed on the inside leg. The full-front lace offers a bit of flexibility in calf size, which is great if your calves are prone to swelling after a long day, or if your legs are a bit harder to find fitting boots for.

The full-front lace also gives a certain feeling of extravagance. We do also have a few more low-key variations in our assortment, but this model looks great with a lot of embellishments. Don’t worry, the Botticelli model offers endless possibilities for customization!

But what about the Tintoretto model?

The Tintoretto model is exactly the same as the Botticelli boot, but with the slim Italian ankle. This means that what the Bellini is to the Rafaello boots, the Tintoretto is to the Botticelli boots. Nothing changes except the fit around the ankle. The Tintoretto ankle, like the Bellini’s ankle, offers a more tailored and slim fit on DeNiro’s full-front lace dressage boots. This is perfect if you have slim and petite legs and ankles.

Any Botticelli boot on our website can be ordered with the Tintoretto’s ankle. Like with the Bellini model, the Tintoretto model will be prettiest on smaller sizes. Therefore orders with a calf size of M or smaller, we will place the order as a Tintoretto’s ankle, with a fitted ankle. On orders with a calf size bigger than M, the order will be placed with a standard Botticelli ankle.

Looking for a more all-round boot? The Ottaviano and Polo boot might be perfect for you!

Lastly, we would like to mention the Ottaviano and Polo boots. Even though they are designed as all-around boots, both models are very popular amongst dressage riders.

The Ottaviano model is DeNiro’s best-selling model. It features a zipper in the back, and can always be customized into a dressage or field boot. When ordered in a lacquer shaft, whether it’s brushed or patent, these boots will also feature the reinforced outer shaft. This ensures a super quiet leg, and therefore refined aids.

The Polo model boots were originally not designed for dressage, but aimed at, hence the name, polo sports. However dressage riders loved this model so much, they really took it and made it their own. These boots can be used as an all-round boot, but when the high dressage bow and reinforced shaft are added, these boots will make for perfect everyday dressage boots!

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