DeNiro Green Line; be creative, be responsible

About this collection

The DeNiro Green Line is the newest addition to the DeNiro Boot Co. collection. This is a result of a collaboration with Jessica von Bredow-Werndl. Read more about the specifications below.

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This collection turns waste into resources. De Niro uses residuals from the industrial process of fruit to be recovered, dried, and transformed into powder. This new material requires 70% less water during the whole production process of the boots. In this entire process, no chemical additives are used. Because of the less consumption of energy, emissions are also reduced. This means that the De Niro Green Line is 100% Vegan and is much better for the environment!

DeNiro keeps nature in mind when producing these boots. It’s good for you and good for nature and animals!

Read all about these beautiful, sustainable, vegan De Niro boots below:

DeNiro Green Line Blog
DeNiro Green Line Circle
DeNiro Green Line Black
DeNiro Green Line Nature
DeNiro Green Line Horse Leg

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The JB Green Line model

Together with the famous equestrian Jessica von Berdow-Werndl, DeNiro Boot Co. has created this innovative tall boot line. The use of fully vegan material in the production process is what makes this line so very special. This means that these boots are 100% vegan! The DeNiro Boot Co. Green line perfectly combines fashion with sustainability. The JB Green Line models feature a diagonal zipper on the front-inside of the leg, a toe cap with punched holes, and a big-strap zipper protector at the top of the boot.

All boots in this collection consist of recycled material, ensuring its ecological responsibility. Even with this 100% vegan material, the high quality of DeNiro Boots remains. These DeNiro Green line boots are handcrafted by skilled artisans and Italian boot-making experts at the De Niro Boot Co. factory in Casarano, near Lecce, in the South of Italy. There, the boots are also subject to a rigorous quality control process. After they are thoroughly checked at the factory, they will be on their way to a very happy new owner!

De Niro Boot Co.

De Niro Boot Co. is synonymous with quality, attention to detail, innovation, style, and research in the equestrian field. A great sensibility to catch the changes in this field and a vocation for innovation and research are the main characteristics that have led De Niro Boot Co. to establish its own leadership all over the equestrian world. De Niro Boot Co. is famous for quality, style, and innovation in the equestrian world. It is the time spent on research, innovation, and attention to detail that has allowed De Niro Boot Co. to become one of the industry’s market leaders in bootmaking for any equestrian discipline worldwide. All De Niro boots are handcrafted in the factory in Lecce, in the heel of Italy. All the boots are subjected to rigorous testing and quality control, with the aim being complete customer satisfaction.

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  • Miranda Coulson

    Hi there
    I am very excited to see such an attractive and sustainable dressage boot. The fact that it avoids any animal cruelty in its manufacture is so important to me. Having the backing of Jessica and Benjamin suggests that the quality is excellent.
    I live in Australia, and I would like to know the cost of delivery and the time it would take for an order to arrive please?


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