Get ready for winter!

As fall has just arrived and Christmas is getting closer, we thought it was time for us to gather the best winter products for you! That way, you’ll be ready on time before the temperatures start dropping!

Winter-proof footwear

Let’s start from the bottom; you will need the right footwear to keep your feet dry and warm during winter. Whenever your feet are cold, it is a mission impossible to try to warm them up again. While riding, we can guarantee you warm feet with the De Niro Sheepskin liner. This liner can be placed in all your riding boots, from the foot all along the shaft. Your soles will also contain sheepskin on the top.
Place a regular order for boots with a sheepskin liner now, in order to have them delivered in 8 weeks. If you place a rush order, you’ll have them delivered in 5 weeks!

When you are not riding, but working around the stables, you will need the right footwear just as much. Therefore, we offer a selection of outdoor boots that will ensure you have warm and dry feet when mucking out the stables, walking through the pastures, or while coaching.


The Monaco glove by Roeckl is a very sporty, leather-look equestrian glove. This distinctive riding glove embodies the perfect symbiosis of function and fashion. The leather look and thin, supple fleece lining make these gloves ideal for riding as well as working around the stables!
Made from ROECKL-GRIP, Roeckl’s exclusive synthetic suede material, this fine glove is not only highly breathable but also wonderfully supple, so that it feels like a second skin. This gives equestrians the ideal grip and tactility they need when handling the reins. Convenient: the reinforcements at the areas that come into contact with the reins.

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