DNRB is happy to work with: Rebecca Larkin

Our partnership

Recently, in 2019, De Niro Riding Boots has started a great partnership with Rebecca Larkin.

To begin with, Rebecca runs a training center in Ocala, Florida. This is named Opulencia Dressage‘. They generally focus on the presentation and sales of (young) dressage and jumping talents. For instance, Rebecca Larkinson is reliable in offering high-quality dressage horses. Subsequently, she owes this to her experience as an Opulencia Equestrian, ltd. and professional FEI rider. Also, she is ‘USDF Gold’ Medalist, and also multiple ‘Grand Champion’ winners.  ‘Opulencia Dressage’ has generally been selecting, competing, and importing dressage and jumping talent for many years. By doing so, they have gathered many trustworthy contacts all over the world.

About Rebecca Larkin & Opulencia Dressage

Lastly, we’ve spoken to Rebecca herself. Rebecca: ”We offer very high-quality athletes with unmatched skills, athleticism, and bravado.  In the meantime, they are highly intelligent, willing, and noble. Foremost, we are honest and forthright in the representation of our horses. We are committed to the welfare of these horses with passion. In order to create the ideal equine partnership for you as a rider, or as a profitable and exciting investment journey!”

In order to learn even more about Rebecca and Opulencia, simply have a look at Opulencia’s website: https://opulenciadressage.com/


Overall, as a professional rider who spends some hours every day on and around horses, the riding garment is very important for Rebecca. For instance, riding boots are a very important part of any professionals riding stock. Therefore, for dressage as well as for show jumping, comfortable and high-quality boots can make a big difference in performance. Overall, this is why Rebecca is such a fan of De Niro boots!

Within the next paragraph, you will find some lovely riding boot. Of course, these are designed by Rebecca Larkin.

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