Swarovski & Gems Collection

The Swarovski & Gems Collection is an assembly of De Niro riding boots with Swarovski stones, crystals, studs, or other gems in the design.

Swarovski elements or any other kind of gems can be used in several ways while assembling your own unique De Niro riding boots. The first option is to use the gems on the edge of the toecap. Secondly, gems and Swarovski elements can be used in the decoration. This will be at the top of the boot. There are several ways in which this can be designed. On the edge of the top, on the entire top, or just around the DNB emblem on the side strap. At last, there is an option for adding Swarovski elements or other gems to your riding boots. You can add them to the buckle of a big-strap zipper protector on a Polo boot. This Swarovski & Gems Collection will add that little extra glamour to your boots!

Choose your own Swarovski & Gems

The overall appearance of your riding boots can become more elegant, gracious and a bit more outstanding. How? By adding Swarovski elements, crystals, studs or another type of gem to your riding boots. Because there are so many different options for the gems to be used, they can be made to be very subtle or more extensive and outstanding.

3 replies on “Swarovski & Gems Collection

  • Giselle Eitter

    Hi Janneke , I would like to know if the diamonds at the top of the boots have the tendency to come offs.
    Thank you !
    Giselle Eitter

    • Janneke

      Hi Giselle,
      No, they do not! Occasionally under some circumstances, 1 can come off, but the boots will always come with spare crystals!

  • Janneke

    Yes! Any customization you can imagine is possible!
    You may contact us per email and we’ll help you design your dream boots 🙂
    Best regards, Janneke, My Riding Boots


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