The De Niro Pioggia collection

As fascinating as rain; a natural kaleidoscope reflecting and spreading out the light. Gaze at how the falling rain calmly washes and cleanses the souls. Infinite glowing raindrops fall down with candor, bringing a breath of fresh air and new beginnings. The sky shudders and opens to let the rain make its way to gently touch the earth, in a warm caress, beating to the rhythm of it’s mild ticking sound. Unexpected rain, purifying like sparkling holy water, crystallizing and shattering into glass pieces.

Inspired by the rain, Pioggia is the new DeNiro collection of 2023. The ultimate expression of the customized, innovative, and stylish pure nature of DeNiro. A vibrant personality is embodied by graphite-like leather, drawing sharp lines and shiny veins. The bright leather structure, in all its color variations, resembles the fascinating effects created by the rain. The Italian slogan for the De Niro Pioggia collection is “ed è oltre i muri dei vetri che si risveglia la vita, che si prende per mano a battaglia finita”. In English: when the battle is over, life blooms once again beyond windowpanes as thick as walls. A lovely moto used to introduce the newest addition to the De Niro assortment.

The De Niro products that were presented in the new De Niro Pioggia collection, are already available on our website! Have a look at the De Niro Pioggia products, below: