NEW: The De Niro Volta SL model

The De Niro Volta SL model

Turning the page for dressage models

The beautiful Volta SL model is a dressage model by the brand De Niro Boot Co. The boots are handmade in Italy, by specialized craftsmen with years of experience. What’s particularly special about the Volta SL model boots is that they are a dressage model, but with a zipper at the back. Other De Niro Boot dressage models often have the zipper diagonally in the front of the boot. The zipper at the back makes it easier to put the boots on and take the boots off. This back zipper position also offers better durability, since the leather around the ankle will not fold, stretch, or damage as much as it may with stepping into a boot with the diagonal zipper in other dressage models like the Raffaello and Bellini models.

Additionally, the zip cages are less likely to break since they are in a less vulnerable spot. The De Niro Volta SL boot features a beautiful high dressage arch of 10cm for calf sizes S and smaller. From calf size M and up, the dressage bow will be 8cm tall, which is the standard high dressage bow for other De Niro dressage models. Like any other De Niro model, the De Niro Volta SL dressage boots can be completely customized to meet your every wish.

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