The ‘one cent’ story

In the famous De Niro Boot Co Italy logo the one cent coin has always been an important aspect. Behind this design is an even more intriguing story!
But what is this story? Why would a riding boot brand like De Niro put a small coin in their logo?
Logo's DNB IT

The story

Sometimes we need to take a chance to find the right way for us to follow.
Sometimes things happen for a reason!
Every now and then an unexpected event may turn into something of great value and importance, and the memory will stay with us forever.

These unexpected events can even still happen to champions… Even during a competition…
But they can also happen to a rider who is not performing well, lacking self-confidence, and in need of some luck.
And so our story begins!

A long while ago, such a rider was wearing a pair of De Niro Boots when he felt something strange under his foot. It felt like an annoying pressure, forcing him to move his foot and leg differently in order to relieve the pain. It could be because of those unexpected movements, or because of something completely different, we will never know, but the horse gave its best and the rider won the competition. This restored his confidence.

A few days later, the rider returned the boots to the seller, to have them repaired. It was discovered that a one euro cent piece had been stuck between the linings of the leather. The seller had no idea how it had gotten there. The rider was informed, and he was amazed. He insisted the one-cent remained in the boots as his good luck token! To remember this unusual, special event and to share the luck of this one-cent coin, De Niro Boot Co. Italy has incorporated the coin into our products. The thought behind this is that De Niro Boot Co. wishes all riders & customers the same kind of good luck in sport, and most of all in the most difficult competition they will compete in: life!

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