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Riding helmets by Uvex

Dressage, eventing, jumping, or just for fun. The Uvex riding helmet collection guarantees the perfect combination of style and safety. For every rider. For every discipline. With high-quality materials, appealing designs, optimal fit, and ultimate comfort.

Uvex helmets are made to meet all your equestrian needs – like the Uvex Elexxion, with its sporty style, climate control, and precise, ergonomic fit. All Uvex riding helmets feature soft, washable pads that ensure optimal size adjustment and superior comfort at all times.

About Uvex helmets fitting

Once you have determined the right helmet size by measuring the circumference of the head, you can perfectly adjust the helmet to your head using the Uvex IAS 3D system. Simply loosen the system entirely and put the helmet on. Now turn the dial at the back of the head to tighten the ring and thus the width. The Uvex IAS 3D system should make contact with the head where you naturally have a curve at the back of the head. To ensure a correct fit, you can also adjust the height with the easy-to-use ratchet closure. Identify the appropriate height using two fingers and insert.

Check the fit: even with the chin strap open, the helmet should have a secure fit. The Uvex IAS 3D system is ideal to improve the position of the strap joint. It should fit comfortably around the ears. The length of the chin strap can also be adjusted in just one simple step. Important: the Uvex Monomatic comfort closure must always be fully inserted until the final click. Two fingers should fit between the chin and strap.

What’s my size? Click here for our size guide.

About Uvex helmets cleaning

You should clean your riding helmet on a regular basis to ensure that you can enjoy it for as long as possible and that it looks as good as it did the first time you wore it. Cleaning the riding helmet is very easy. The riding helmet liner can be removed and machine-washed. The washing instructions are on the inside label of each liner. Careful: air-dry only. You should clean the outer shell with lukewarm water, a mild soap, and a soft, lint-free cloth or a soft clothes brush. Avoid any solvents, as they can damage the riding helmet. The chin strap can also be wiped clean with a moist, lint-free cloth.

The Uvex aspiration: “Made in Uvex”

The sustainability goals of the Uvex group include the following areas of responsibility: ecology, economy, working conditions, and human rights, employees and society as well as product. A particular focus here is on the expansion and modernization of our production facilities. When our customers choose Uvex, we want to be sure that our products meet our high-quality standards. We ensure this with our principle “Made in Uvex”: From the product idea and development to production and sales, the entire value chain is in our hands. Carried out and supported by our own production facilities, many of them in Germany and Europe.

Now and in the future: Uvex for CO₂ neutral growth

We have set ambitious goals, particularly in the area of CO₂ reductions, and we are aiming for CO₂-neutral growth in the near future. In the past three years, the Uvex group demonstrated that this goal is not just a vision: thanks to our sustainability efforts, the company’s CO₂ emissions were significantly reduced. Some plants saved up to 63 % of CO₂ since 2016. A development with which we want to set an example in the industry. For our future – protecting people.


We have been producing and selling high-quality products for the protection of people in sport, leisure and work for over 90 years. And if you want to protect people, you have to take responsibility. It is precisely from this mission that our obligation derives to act in a sustainable, social and socially- responsible manner.

Michael Winter

Managing Partner of the Uvex group.  


Safety helmets and bump caps from Uvex have won several prizes and awards, including the following:

Pro-K Award 2018 for Uvex Perfexxion

The Uvex Perfexxion is an innovative safety helmet that used a holistic development approach to combine different safety standards. Thus it can be used flexibly in various fields of application. The verdict of the pro-K award’s jurors: “Versatile usable application system with innovative fastening technology.

Pro-K Award Gold 2016 for the Uvex Pheos helmet system

“Flexible protection across the board. Good handling and an ingenious combination of three functions: Head protection, hearing protection and sight protection” – this is how the pro-K Award 2016 judging panel explained why the award went to the uvex pheos helmet system.

The Uvex Pheos helmet system safety helmet and visor can be quickly and easily connected via a magnetic locking system. Both components are tailored to each other so that the weight of the helmet is distributed evenly across the entire head area, even when the visor is in use. The Uvex Pheos visor can even be used effortlessly for long periods of time, without causing any noticeable pressure marks. The polycarbonate visor system is lightweight and adds little to the overall weight of the system for added wearer comfort.

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