$20 Discount Coupon

Looking for your first discount? Enjoy this coupon code!

Are you looking for a discount to use on your My Riding Boots order? Look no further! We’ve got the coupon code that you need.

As a welcome to new customers, and a thank you to returning customers, we are offering a €20 / $25 discount code to be used freely for any order online (with a minimum order value of €200 / $250. That means that you can use this discount code as many times as you want, on whatever products you might need!

How can I use this code?

Are you not sure how you can apply this coupon to your shopping cart? The example below will clearly show you where you can enter the coupon code.

For example: Imagine you are interested in our De Niro Ottaviano boots with matching spur straps. Of course, you now want to use the coupon code, but how? Let us show you!

Step 1. Add all the products that you need (in the right sizes and colors) to your shoppingcart.

Stap 1 - Coupon Discount
Stap 1 - Coupon Discount

Step 2. Click the shopping cart icon or link in our top menu.

Stap 2 - Coupon Discount

Step 3.  You’ll find a box with ”coupon code” just below the items in your shopping cart.

This is where you can add the code MRBa20.

Stap 3 - Coupon Discount

Step 4. Apply the MRBa20 code to your shopping cart, and… You’re all set!

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