Vibram sole

The Vibram sole

De Niro riding boots are made with a special Vibram sole. Vibram soles are made using a special technique that De Niro has developed. In this technique, the sole is made with several layers and materials.  The top layer is a 5.5mm thick leather footbed. The layer below that is a sole of active carbon material. Below that, a layer of shock absorbing material, and finally a water-resistant sole at the bottom. These four layers are stitched together, to ensure optimal comfort and a perfect combination of materials.

For the heel of De Niro riding boots, a water-resistant heel is placed on a rubber heel protector. This heel is connected to the sole, and together, these are stitched or glued to the bottom of the boot or shoe.

The combination of these materials result in a breathing, antibacterial, shock absorbing sole for De Niro riding boots. The Vibram technique is also used by the well-known brand Ariat.


Other techniques

Next to the Vibram outer sole of the De Niro riding boots, De Niro also uses a WRAT technology for the leather that is used for the rest of the boot. Read all about this technique in our blog.

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