The right boots for every equestrian discipline

Find the right pair of riding boots for any Equestrian discipline


De Niro Riding Boots

As many of us well know, there’s a variety of equestrian sports which all require different gear, a unique approach and of course: the right tall boot!

In order to determine the perfect pair of leather ridingboots for a rider, we must first understand the most important aspects of that specific discipline. In this post, we will discuss the two biggest equestrian sports, and we will recommend the perfect pair of riding boots for each discipline.


In dressage, a horse and rider are expected to perfectly perform a series of predetermined movements, using minimal aids. In order for the rider to focus on rhythm, regularity, relaxation and contact with the horse, the rider’s gear has to be unquestionably reliable. This is why it is so important for dressage riders to have the perfect pair of tallboots, not only for competitions, but also for training.

In dressage, the rider has to wear white breeches with a tailcoat and an approved equestrian helmet. De Niro longboots are available in a variety of colors and leather types, to give every rider the opportunity to perfectly match their longboots with their riding attire. For dressage riders, it is also very important that their boot is comfortable and firm. Competition boots are often decorated with shiny details in all forms and shapes.

We at De Niro Riding Boots recommend our Polo longboots for training, and our Raffaello longboots for competition use. These models were both specially designed to provide optimal support and comfort for dressage riders. The outside of the shaft is made of harder leather, to ensure optimal contact between horse and rider. Furthermore, both of these dressage boots are offered in a variety of custom designs, making it possible for every dressage rider to find the tall riding boots that match their competition attire like no other!

Show jumping

In contrast to dressage, for showjumping riders the freedom of movement in the leg is of high importance. The rider must be able to follow the horse’s movements towards and during the jump. For this reason, it is important for showjumping boots to be more flexible and offer a greater range of motion than dressage boots.

It is not easy to develop a riding boot that matches the feeling of short boots with gaiters, nevertheless, De Niro’s boot making experts have succeeded. No other competition boot offers the freedom and flexibility that the De Niro Obstacoli boot offers. The specially tanned calfskin has undergone a treatment to ensure a better grip and to make the boot even softer. This ensures unmatched contact between the horse and rider.

De Niro’s signature Tricolore boots are also very suitable for showjumping. The Tricolore tallboot is available in smooth or quick leather. The quick leather is slightly more flexible than the smooth leather, but both are very perfect for show jumping or eventing. What makes this boot special, is the elastic panel next to the zipper in the back of this boot. This elastic panel ensures an easy fit and more freedom of movement for the rider’s leg.

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