The Perfect Fit For Your Riding Boots

The optimal fit

De Niro riding boots are handmade for every customer. This ensures an optimal fit and the perfect size for each rider. To make sure that you find this perfect fit for the riding boots that you’d want to order, we have set up an elaborate size guide to help you.

Should you need any further assistance with your measurements or do you have any other questions about finding the right size, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact page!

The fitting kit

Any tiny error in the fit or size can easily be fixed, using our fitting kit! This fitting kit has a total value of €25,-. With this kit, you can easily decide for yourself which insole is more comfortable for you.

What is in this fitting kit? One thin insole, one thicker insole, and one pair of heelpieces. In the boots will be a standard sole when you receive them. This will give you the choice between three insoles, and whether or not you’d like to use heel boosters in your boots. This kit could fix most small errors in size! Is your shoe size a little too big? Use the thicker sole! If your shoe size is a little too small, take the sole out or try the thinner sole! Is the boot a bit too high for you? Place the heelboosters under the insole, to lift the heels up to 2cm.

Our size guide and fitting kit should help you find the perfect fit for any pair of De Niro Riding Boots! However, there are a lot of possibilities and adjustments if you would like a different type of insole. Would you, for example, like your feet to stay warmer or be more comfortable? Have a look at all our options for insoles here.

For example, the RL Wool insole could be perfect for the winter! And the RL Sportive insoles are perfect for sensitive feet or people who could use just that extra bit of support!

For any type of further questions or support, please contact us!

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