De Niro Riding Boots; sustainable and durable

Sustainability and durability


Would you like sustainable, hand-crafted Italian riding boots, made by a brand that contributes to the well-being of the environment? Then De Niro Riding Boots is the perfect brand for you!

We create sustainable and durable equestrian boots, which are custom-made to completely fit your vision and wishes. At De Niro Riding Boots we think of our environment and are as durable as possible in every single part of your boots’ journey.
Would you like to read more about sustainability within De Niro Riding Boots? Keep reading!


De Niro Riding Boots’ sustainable leather

As you may know, De Niro Riding Boots offers items for every single equestrian. The Tricolore and Ottaviano boots are common in showjumping and eventing, due to their classical appearance and supple leather. The Raffaello, Polo, and Laced boots are more common for dressage. All models (except for the Tricolore model and Young Line riding boots) also have endless custom options. All De Niro riding boots contain sustainable tanned Italian calfskin of the finest quality. At the De Niro factory in Italy, the leather we use to make all riding boots, short boots, and sneakers out of, includes our innovative WRAT technology.

WRAT stands for Water Resistant Advanced Treatment, in which we use several durable, hydrophobic materials which are bound to the leather structure during the tanning of the leather. This will form a protective layer over the leather, which allows sweat in the form of moisture to be transported to the outside of the boot. At the same time, it doesn’t allow water from the outside to reach the inside of the boot. As a result, your leg will stay dry and clean. This treatment makes the leather less susceptible to damage, which makes them more durable. This WRAT technology won the SPOGA Innovation Prize in 2007.

Sustainable and durable boots
Sustainable and durable soles



De Niro Riding Boots’ durable soles

Our DS system helped us develop the uniquely sustainable sole for our equestrian boots. Handcrafted in our factory, the soles consist of a double layer of leather that ensures water repellence, a shock absorber leather footbed, and a Vibram outer sole for an effective grip on the stirrups. The Vibram soles consist of a special technique that DeNiro developed, also used by well-known equestrian brand Ariat. The two layers of leather and the layer of rubber assemble through double stitching. The result of this procedure is a very long-lasting and highly performing sole. In addition, this contributes to the sustainability of De Niro Riding Boots.

Another possibility with our custom-made riding boots is the Ride & Fly sole. This sole is the result of the most advanced technological research. It is the first time that Nanotechnology applied to traditional materials such as rubber. This sole offers many advantages to the rider: it is non-toxic, antibacterial, shock-absorbent, water, and fire-resistant, anti-traumatic, and extremely light.

Our other contributions to the environment

The fact that De Niro riding boots are high quality, makes them durable and sustainable. In addition, we try to do everything we can to contribute to the wellbeing of the environment even more. For example, at the De Niro Riding Boots office, we send and receive tons of boots and sneakers all over the world. We transport every pair of boots in cardboard boxes, and to minimalize waste we try to reuse as many boxes as possible. This makes the shipment of De Niro Riding Boots as durable as possible. Besides that, the first thing we do when we receive boots is thoroughly check the sizes and quality. This ensures that our customers certainly receive the boots of their dreams. Lastly, we try to prevent returns and exchanges by delivering a free fitting kit with every pair of tall boots.

A fitting kit consists of three items: a pair of thin De Niro insoles, a pair of standard De Niro insoles, and a pair of heel-boosters. If the foot size of your boots is a bit too tight you can switch to the thinner insoles. And if the boots are a bit too high, you can put in the heel-boosters. Bt including this fitting kit, we ensure to do everything we can to make your boots fit comfortably, which contributes to durability.


What you can do to enhance our sustainability

As said before, the high quality of our handmade Italian boots makes the boots very durable and sustainable on their own. But you can contribute to this yourself even more. For example, by using the De Niro Boot care kit, you can make sure your new pair of boots are carefully nourished. Also when using De Niro boot tensioners your boots will retain their shape for a longer period of time. All these tips may seem simple and obvious, but every single step contributes to the sustainability process.

We at DeNiro Riding Boots hope you enjoyed reading our article about our durability and sustainability process.
May you have any further questions about the process, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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