DeNiro Green line; be creative, be responsible

DeNiro Green line

The DeNiro Green line is the newest addition to the DeNiro Boot Co. collection. Together with Jessica von Berdow-Werndl, DeNiro created this stunning and innovative line.

From January 2021, the DeNiro JB Green boots can be ordered through our website!

DeNiro Boot Co launched two designs to order from now on! Both designs come in the colors black or brown. The zipper of the boots is on the front-inside of the leg and has the addition of a strap across the top of the boot. The toe cap contains the detail of punched holes.  This model boot allows a laced or non-laced instep of the foot. Which one is your favorite?

 The use of fully vegan material in the production process makes these boots so unique. The new DeNiro Boot Co. Green line combines fashion with sustainability. All boots in this collection consist of recycled material, ensuring its ecological responsibility.  In the meantime, the high quality of DeNiro Boots remains. These DeNiro Green boots, which are the result of a collab with Jessica von Berdow-Werndl, are ready to order! Are you?! Read all about them, below:

DeNiro Green Line Blog
DeNiro Green Line Circle
DeNiro Green Line Black
DeNiro Green Line Nature
DeNiro Green Line Horse Leg

For more information about the newest DeNiro line, please feel free to contact us.

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