Dolcefiore Collection

The De Niro Dolcefiore collection is a flowery assembly of new leather types, materials, and tops. This new De Niro collection adds a selection of floral prints and leather types to the De Niro product range.

This collection holds a variety of new leather types. A floral look or print is what characterizes all these leather types. This leaves you with a very unique yet strong appearance to any riding boot. Don’t miss out on these new features, have a look at the design page for all the options and possibilities.

The names of these new leather types are Dolcefiore PZO, EMS, and Anna. All of these new, beautiful styles are shown in the images below.

Dolcefiore PZO

Dolcefiore Anna

Dolcefiore EMS

Variety in the Dolcefiore Collection

In addition to these extraordinary prints, this collection also holds a variety of new tops. The collection enlarges the number of options available for De Niro riding boots. These new tops are named the Liz top, the Lisa top, and last but not least the Scudo top.

All of these Dolcefiore prints, tops, and also materials are available for the customization of your very own De Niro riding boots. To give you some inspiration, we would like to show you our ‘Collections’ page.

Find these new options below.

Dolcefiore Top Lisa

Dolcefiore Top Scado

Dolcefiore Top Liz

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