Vanità in Nero Collection

The De Niro Vanità in Nero collection is a collection of feminine, extraordinary and new leather types, on beautiful De Niro riding boots. The used materials in this collection have a lace look, giving the riding boots a daring and also a defiant appearance.

De Niro presents several new material in this collection. Any customer can now use this materials when personalizing and customizing riding boots. In this collection, the new materials presented are named Vanità in Nero Flora, Odi, Zoe and Sita. Every single one of these materials, has its own unique look. You can see the unique materials in the different images below.

Vanità in Nero Flora

Vanità in Nero Odi

Vanità in Nero Zoe

Vanità in Nero Sita

Combine the Vanità in Nero

The presented materials suit any type of top, and also any type of leather. In this way, you can make endless combinations true to your whishes. For some of this collection or any other inspiration, you can have a look at our ‘Collections’ page.

For example. Combining these unique materials with suede or brushed leather, can give the boot a very elegant and feminine overall appearance. While combining the material with a colored piping can give riding boots a very sporty look.

This makes the Vanità in Nero Collection a collection for everyone.

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