Gloves Samshield V-Skin Hunter

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٧ Available in black, blue, brown, and white
٧ Silicone grip
٧ Highly breathable
٧ Second-skin fit in sizes 6 to 8

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Gloves Samshield V-Skin

These ultra-thin Samshield V-Skin gloves are probably one of the most innovative gloves on the market right now. All Samshield V-Skin gloves are completely made of perforated synthetic leather, this offers maximum comfort and airflow, whilst keeping them lightweight and machine washable (30° C). The V-Skin Hunter is designed for riders who prefer thinner and more discreet gloves than the standard V-Skin. The silicone straps on the palm have been removed in order to obtain a thinner glove without compromising its strength and grip. The V-Skin Hunter offers great durability and exceptional grip thanks to the hydrophobic and reinforced suede. The tone-on-tone Samshield logos and stitching of the black version ensure sobriety and elegance. The Lycra used in these liners of these gloves is extremely flexible and therefore offers great comfort and fitting. The spandex used around the wrist is doubled in size, to ensure a perfect fit in that area. Like all Shamshield products, the gloves are finished with modern details. The available sizes range from 6 to 8. They are available in black, blue, brown, and white.

٧ Available in black, blue, brown, and white
٧ Silicone grip
٧ Highly breathable
٧ Second-skin fit in sizes 6 to 8

As a brand, Samshield is renowned for its helmets. Samshield helmets distinguish themselves with their high quality, looks, and safety. However, they wanted to keep innovating, and for a few years now they have branched out to other equestrian products. These products are again, of remarkable quality, finished in an elegant timeless design. Lastly, Samshield has made the corporate commitment to reduce environmental impact, and all their garments honor this commitment.

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Samshield – V-Skin


6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8

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Brown, Black, Blue, White



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