New: KEP Italia Smart Polo Polish

About the KEP Italia Smart model

The KEP Italia SMART model is revolutionary because it was the first KEP Italia helmet available at a reduced price, designed for those on a budget who, however, don’t want to compromise on the features typical of all the helmets made by KEP Italia: safety, first and foremost, lightness and comfort, as well as the aesthetic value.

The KEP SMART helmet is perfect for all disciplines and is fitted with a flexible visor, front grill with inner protective, steel mesh vent, and KEP air control system that ensures optimal ventilation by controlling the internal temperature and circulation of the air, which flows through special channels in the polystyrene. The chin strap has five attachment points to the shell of the helmet. KEP Smart helmets come with an internal Coolmax lining (for maximum breathability and comfort) that is detachable and can be washed by hand in cold water or in the machine at 30°C.

New additions: KEP Italia Smart Polish & Smart Polo Polish

The latest addition to the KEP Italia helmet line is the option of Polish material. This Polish version of the KEP Italia Smart model is available with the well-known standard (narrow) visor, but also with the very popular Polo (wide) visor. This wide brim will prevent sun and rain from reaching your eyes, thus offering extra comfort for riders in any discipline! What makes these Smart Polo helmets so special, is the price that they’re available for!

For any other KEP Italia model, the starting price of a helmet in Polish material is €580 / $696. However, these newer models offer the Polish look for a much lower price! The KEP Italia Smart Polish helmet with the standard (narrow) visor is available for €317 / $380. The KEP Italia Smart Polo Polish helmet with a wide visor is available for €339 / $406. Both of these helmets are still well under the price for any other model in Polish material! And on top of that… these will effortlessly make any outfit look absolutely gorgeous!

KEP Italia Smart Polish Black
KEP Italia Smart Polish Polo Blue

More information

These KEP Italia helmets are all available in any KEP Italia size, in Black & Blue. Some sizes and colors are even available from stock, making delivery of these products possible in just a few business days! Sizes that are not available from stock, will be ordered with the official KEP Italia factory. Production time is around 4 weeks, after which we’ll ship the helmet out to you right away. For more information on any of these models, or on anything else we can do for you, please contact us!

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