Tricolore product improvements!

Tricolore line boots represent DeNiro’s budget-line boots. This however does not mean that the quality is not up to DeNiro’s standards! Like any other DeNiro riding boot, the DeNiro Tricolore boots consist of the finest quality Italian calf leather. These boots are actually our best-selling boots and are very popular amongst show jumpers, eventing riders, and younger riders.

DeNiro recently made some changes to this product line. Keep on reading if you want to know what those changes are!


Standard Tricolore features

The features that make the Tricolore line boots so popular, is that they can be personalized into dressage or field boots since the front lace is optional. The toe cap and spur rests are also optional for these models. DeNiro Tricolore boots always have a zipper in the back, secured with a top zipper protector. These boots come in more than 450 standard sizes, and the zipper is lined with an elastic panel, leaving room for comfort, or in the case of a younger rider, growth.

The Tricolore boots are available to order in two different leather textures. Smooth, which is a bit thicker and stiffer, and Quick, which is a super soft grainy leather. The boots come in black, brown, or blue, with various decoration options.

For insight into the different Tricolore models and custom options, have a look at this blog post: The Tricolore line



New features

The DeNiro boot experts recently decided to provide the Tricolore boots with a big upgrade.


The boots used to have glued rubber soles, but they now contain a stitched rubber sole. This sole has a latex core, which ensures comfort whilst still preserving durability and performance. The sole is now stitched over the edge and the shape of the toe is tapered between round and square. This confers an elegant look to the foot.


To ensure durability, the Quick-leathered boots received quite some updates.  Amabile boots used to be the only boot with an extra thick durable patch on the inside leg. This however has changed. From now on, all the Tricolore Quick boots that are produced with a thicker, more durable, patch of smooth leather on the inside leg. If that patch is not to your liking, please notify us! We can always special-order boots without the durable patch.

Lastly, there’s the possibility to add the Amabile low zip protector with spur rests, to all Tricolore model boots! This lower zip protector offers two spur rests on different heights.


New Tricolore models

We have recently added two new models to our Tricolore range! One of these models is more aimed at the dressage rider, whilst the other is as all-round as the other boots.

The Messapico is the first and only Tricolore model which caters to the dressage riders’ every need. These boots have a reinforced outer shaft, a zipper on the inside of the leg, and a high dressage bow. This model is only available in smooth leather and it can be ordered in black or brown.

The Ionio is the first and only Tricolore boot with a full front lace. The boots are laced through rings which ensures a flexible fit.



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