Botticelli Barbara De Niro Riding Boots

EUR € 1,518.33

٧ Extraordinary quality
٧ Stitched Vibram-sole
٧ Perfect for daily use
٧ Front lace to adjust calf size

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Barbara Botticelli laced boots

Bring a statement to your wardrobe with this custom Barbara version of the De Niro Botticelli riding boot! This beautiful boot is part of the De Niro Savage collection. In contrast to the standard Botticelli model, this custom version is made with the zipper diagonally in the front of the boot, instead of in the back. The front lace in combination with this zipper ensures a perfect and easy fit. The finishing touch to this riding boot is the top in grey camouflage leather, with a stripe underneath that was decorated with punched holes. All Botticelli De Niro boots are made with strong Italian calf leather. The Vibram sole is stitched to the bottom of the foot, to prevent the boot and sole from wearing out easily.

٧ Extraordinary quality
٧ Stitched Vibram-sole
٧ Perfect for daily use
٧ Front lace to adjust calf size
٧ Zipper diagonally in the front of the boot.

De Niro Boot Co, one of the best known Italian elite riding boot brands, is recognized for producing boots of the finest quality with extraordinary technology.

Tintoretto or Botticelli?

Like any other De Niro Botticelli boot, this pair can be ordered with a smaller, Italian ankle, changing it to the Tintoretto model. We do however recommend this only with calf sizes smaller than L. With a calfsize of L or bigger, a Tintoretto ankle would not benefit the proportions of the boots.


De Niro has developed a line of products that are ideal for taking care of your ridingboots. Have a look at all bootcare products by clicking here.

Our boots will last you a very long time, but you might need to replace a part or decoration that has come loose after some time. This is why we offer a repair kit.

Additional information

Foot size

34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46

Height size

Extra short (CC), Short (C), Medium short (MC), Medium tall (MA), Tall (A)

Calf size



Laced – Botticelli / Tintoretto

Colour filter


Leather type calf



Savage collection

Details in

Black, Grey



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