Melbourne Petrie Riding Boots – Brown

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٧ Available in standard sizes & junior sizes
٧ Slim-fit
٧ Elastic insert next to the zip
٧ Back zipper
٧ High quality calfs leather


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This is a made-to-order riding boot. Delivery time: around 8 weeks.

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Melbourne Petrie Riding Boots

The Petrie Melbourne riding boot model is an easy-care boot made of soft coated leather. This boot has a decorative lace up front, a zip at the back and an elastic insert along the zip. The Petrie Melbourne tall boots are available in brown leather.

٧ Available in standard sizes & junior sizes
٧ Slim-fit
٧ Elastic insert next to the zip
٧ Back zipper
٧ High quality calfs leather


About Petrie

Petrie is there for all equestrians. Petrie riding boots contribute to your rider identity. Based on the idea of ​​combining comfort and beauty, Petrie designs characteristic riding boots to suit every rider and every environment. From a relaxed hack to excellent performance in the competition arena. All legs and all riders are different. Petrie understands that all too well. This results in a love for the Petrie brand by riders worldwide, such as Petrie ambassadors Max Gordon, Richard Jones, Imogen Murray, Hayley Watson Greaves, Tim Lips, and Dinja van Liere.

Petrie boot maintenance

New leather riding boots look elegant and neat, but for the price you pay for them, you want them to continue to look that way. The way you maintain them determines how long your leather riding boots can last. Wear is inevitable with frequent use, but you can keep it to a minimum with the following tips: (1) Clean your riding boots immediately after riding. Bootcare sets are intended to care for your riding boots immediately after riding, so that they remain in good shape. The horse’s sweat is disastrous for the leather. By cleaning your boots immediately after riding, you remove the sweat, but also dirt, sand and harmful natural oils. This can be done with a damp cloth, but preferably with our Petrie leather cleaner. (2) Never forget your bootcare routine. Maintain your riding boots even when you are not using them. Due to bad weather or an injury, your boots may be temporarily unused and left in your tackroom. As a result, leather boots wear out quickly if they are not maintained. They will then dry out and may crack when used again. Make sure to use a good leather cream, to prevent this from happening. (3) Care for your zipper or laces as well. When you wear riding boots, grains of sand or other dirt can get into the zipper. Eventually zippers may no longer open and close properly. Because dirt such as dust, sand and horsehair affect the quality of the zipper. We recommend that you clean it regularly. The easiest way is to brush the dirt out with a small brush. Make sure to use our Petrie zipper spray after cleaning, to optimalise the function of the zipper. If you want to take off a boot after riding, always unzip them completely! Placing one foot on the heel of the other foot to take them off can cause the sole to come loose over time. Some Petrie models, like the Melbourne model, have decorative laces. Daily maintenance is not necessary. However, you will notice that the laces wear out over time. They can easily be replaced by yourself or a local shoemaker. With a needle you can thread the lace through the holes that you cannot reach from behind. (5) Never let your boots dry under heat, near a rediator or heater. This will cause them to dry out. Are your boots wet and do you want to dry them? Then a ‘normal’ room will suffice. Make sure this room is not damp. So do not put your riding boots in a closed bootbag or tackroom when they are still damp.

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Petrie warranty

For product damage to your Petrie boots within 1 year after purchase, please contact our customer service team. In the event of a manufacturing defect, the boots will then be returned to us. Zippers, scratches, damage caused by your own actions, or wear and tear from riding can mostly be repaired at your local shoemaker. This will not fall under Petrie’s or our own warranty policy.

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Petrie foot size

35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45

Petrie calf & height size

ES, L, LM, LS, LX, MS, MW, N, NX, S, UK, W, WL, XS, XW, XWL



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