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Ottaviano Genevita De Niro Riding Boots

EUR € 1,481.67

٧ Fashionable design
٧ Italian calf leather
٧ Stitched Vibram-sole
٧ Back zipper with two zip protectors.

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Ottaviano Genevita De Niro Riding Boot

The outstanding Genevita boots are custom-made signature DeNiro Ottaviano model boots, designed for the Buongiorno collection. This is DeNiro’s best-selling model. Boots of this model are made with a zipper in the back, decked with a top and bottom protector. Ottaviano boots are customizable to field boots.

This pair is almost fully finished in Brushed black and features a toe cap lined with Luxury silver piping. This pair is also decorated with the Lisa top in Buongiorno black lined with silver piping and embedded crystal fine rocks. To ensure lasting beauty, the outer shaft is reinforced. This ensures a quiet leg, whilst a soft patch of WRAT black leather on the inside leg ensures maximal contact with your horse.

٧ Fashionable design
٧ Italian calf leather
٧ Stitched Vibram-sole
٧ Back zipper with two zip protectors.

De Niro Boot Co, one of the best known Italian elite riding boot brands, is recognized for producing boots of the finest quality with extraordinary technology.



All De Niro boots are is made in high-quality Italian calf leather. DeNiro’s Italian bootmaking experts have used a WRAT treatment on this leather and added a Vibram-sole. The combination of these techniques ensures a very durable boot, with a great fit!
Your boots will however need regular maintenance, therefore De Niro has developed a line of products that are ideal for taking care of your riding boots. Have a look at all bootcare products by clicking here.


Brushed leather

These boots are (partly) made in Brushed leather. Because this leather is more susceptible to damage, this leather can become dull when worn frequently or when handled carelessly. The De Niro factory can repair some damage, but please mind that on Brushed leather boots the warranty can be somewhat less extensive. De Niro advises riders to use boots with Brushed leather for competitions and clinics only.

Additional information

Foot size

34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46

Height size

Extra short (CC), Short (C), Medium short (MC), Medium tall (MA), Tall (A)

Calf size



Ottaviano – S3602/S3601

Colour filter


Leather type calf


Details in

Black, Silver


Buongiorno collection

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  1. Simone Rattle

    Such lovely design. The ladies from MyRidingBoots were increadibly helpful during the ordering process. Will definitely order here again!

  2. Kendall Viper

    The top of this boot is an absolute eyecatcher! I love this and will wear it proudly!!

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